Featuring on our Blog is the Lovely Steph – Hair and Makeup Artisit Extraordinaire!

I was absolutely thrilled when Laura asked me to write a guest blog for her Pigtails and Pirates website. Not just because I am in love with her designs but also because I am totally in awe of her, and her business, and being a local Newcastle business as well, I couldn’t say no.

I began my journey as a beauty therapist in Newcastle some 26 years ago. In 2013 Style by Divine was born, I operate from my vintage styled studio within my home. I chose to concentrate and specialise in vintage makeup, hair styling and also shaping and reconstructing eyebrows. Eyebrows have always been a passion of mine, and not just because they have suddenly become fashionable. Back in the day clients would bring pictures of models or celebrities from a magazine (there was no google or Instagram then) and ask could I make their brows look the same. So to me it is an art form. There is so much more to eyebrow shaping then just plucking out a few stray hairs.

A professional eyebrow shape can balance a face and make you look years younger in a minutes, and boost your confidence. When you book in, its never just a wax on wax off. It’s an individual custom shape that is created for your face. So what do I do? It all begins with a consultation. This is where I will measure your eyebrows, making sure they are the correct length and width for your face shape, and the arch is in the correct position. Most importantly making sure they are even! To do this I follow the natural curve of your eyebrow bone.

To enhance your natural line, tint is customised and may be applied to create definition of the brow hair. Remembering that tint is conditioning, this helps to nourish the hair and encourage hair growth if needed. From here we create the shape. Any stray hairs are then trimmed, tweezed and or waxed. Lastly we finish off all treatments with customised eyebrow powder and a light makeup to define and make the eyebrow line nice and crisp and “pop”. All products I use to create your personal style are cruelty free, including the tint and wax. I also have an extensive range of retail products for sale. This is so you can continue to easily recreate your style at home and in between visits.

As well as reshaping and restyling I also specialise in reconstructing eyebrows. This is done either with extensions or wigs. It is particularly useful for clients who have misshapen or patchy brows. Either due to having them waxed incorrectly and are growing them back in, or medical reasons. Such as alopecia, cancer treatment or many other medications. I am hoping Laura will have me back at a later date so that I can go through this process in greater detail for you. In the meantime I can be contacted via my website stylebydivine.com.au Or email stylebydivineinfo@gmail.com Until then please take care.

Love and kisses Steph

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